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NEW distributor in Vietnam…WOOOT!

Obutto is pleased to announce our new distributor in the amazingly beautiful country of Vietnam…An Phat PC!  We are very pleased with our new partnership and look forward to the Vietnamese enjoying some Obutto goodness!!

Our original oZone gaming cockpit took the world by storm as it was the first gaming cockpit that offered ergonomic computer use & accurately positioned mounts for all gaming.  The r3volution carries the torch to a new level, offering unheard of adjustability, stability and ergonomics.  Of course all the familiar mounts are available for sim racing & flight sims too!  For all you oZone owners, don’t worry we’ll always look out for ya….the new r3v fully articulating keyboard/mouse tray, r3v monitor stand/triple mount & obutto cupholder are all available as accessories to fit your oZone’s ;)

Don’t miss out, if you live in Vietnam and are keen to place an order for either a r3volution cockpit/workstation, or the oZone, now is the time!

An Phat PC

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