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Our apologies for our site being down…

Please note our site was hacked last week and Malware was found by Google. This prompted a warning to be displayed folks visiting the site with certain browsers. We apologize for the issue and have spent the past few days getting it sorted. If you have visited our site or the forums in the past […]

New Obutto distributor for North Africa!

Obutto is pleased to announce our new distributor for North Africa…Sitwell Office! Located in the stunning ancient city of Algiers, Sitwell Office will provide Obutto sales & support through their retail location, as well as online throughout North Africa. We are very pleased with our new partnership and look forward to folks in North Africa […]

NEW distributor in Vietnam…WOOOT!

Obutto is pleased to announce our new distributor in the amazingly beautiful country of Vietnam…An Phat PC!  We are very pleased with our new partnership and look forward to the Vietnamese enjoying some Obutto goodness!! Our original oZone gaming cockpit took the world by storm as it was the first gaming cockpit that offered ergonomic […]

NEW Obutto Speaker Mounts….Finally!!

The boffins at Obutto have been working hard, over the past year, trying to create Universal speaker mounts for our gaming cockpits/workstations.  We are pleased to announce the release of our 5.1 speaker mounts! Features: compatible with oZone or r3v cockpits front speaker mounts are nearly invisible front speaker mounts can be configured for single […]

Site down

We had some issues with our site over the past day & a half, and sadly had to revert to a backup dd 9 Sept 2013.  Therefore, if you registered in our forums from 9 Sept to 11 Sept, you will need to re-register.  If you have any issues please contact us here Thanks for […]

NEW migrated forums!

Hey all, Just to let you know we started some forums last year using phpBB, which I really dig, but since we made the switch to a WordPress site it was obvious to change to bbPress for our forum.  I hope it’s not too much of an issue for existing users, but in the long […]

We have a new PERSIAN GULF distributor!

Simulation 1 Systems UAE is located in Dubai and will distribute our products throughout the Persian Gulf region! Also, they are opening a new sim store in a brand new shopping centre in Dubai where they will have our obutto cockpits on display.  Their site can found at http://www.simulation1.ae Best wishes to them, and I hope they […]

NEW website & server!

We apologize for the obutto.com site being down for the past week, but we have been in the middle of a major site overhaul along with a move to a new server.  Our old site can still be viewed at www.obutto.com and our forums can still be viewed at www.obutto.com/forum Anyhow, we are pleased with […]