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Choosing The Right Computer Gaming Chair

We love gaming here at Obutto. Our passion is providing the most comfortable and exciting gaming experience for gamers. When thinking about gaming, a lot of people don’t consider how important their computer gaming chair is. However, not any chair can be a gaming chair. You need comfort, system capability, added features, and several other […]

Computer Gaming Desks And You: How To Choose?

So you’ve got your new gaming rig set up and all put together and you’re smoothly running the newest Dark Souls II and Shadows Of Mordor at the same time! What about your desk, though? If you haven’t bought yourself a new desk in a while, it’s time to consider a new one. A computer […]

What Features Are You Looking For In Your Gaming Chair?

As the gaming industry has expanded and turned into a billion dollar industry in the last two decades alone, more and more gaming accessories and items are becoming available to improve the gamer’s experience. While you may be tempted to buy the first gaming chair you see because, let’s face it, most of them look […]

What To Know: Gaming Chairs And System Compatibility

Several considerations need to be made when trying to decide what gaming chair to buy. Depending on what type of gamer you are and how much time you spend at your gaming computer or console, you should take into consideration a few things: gaming chair style, system compatibility, and gaming chair features. Because gaming is […]

Choosing The Right Gaming Chair Style For You

No matter what gaming console or setup you have in your home or dorm, the importance of choosing the right gaming chair is very crucial to your overall gaming experience. As it is necessary to be comfortable when you sit down to dive into your new favorite game, it’s also necessary to have proper back support […]

Change Everything With The Obutto Gaming Chair

If you’re looking for a superior gaming chair then you already know the advantages that they can have on your gaming experience as a whole. Having a space totally dedicated to your passion and gaming allows you to let all other concerns fall to the wayside so that you can truly enjoy what you love […]

A Gaming Chair Is An Investment In Your Gaming Experience

Gaming is becoming an increasingly popular activity among people of all ages in the world today. As we have made games, gaming rigs, and gaming consoles more available to more people, gaming has turned into a huge industry. In the past two decades, gaming has seen itself grow into a billion dollar industry. Used for […]

Buying Your Gaming Chair And Invest In Your Back

More and more people all over the world are getting into gaming as a popular way to use their free time. Once thought to only be an activity enjoyed by men and boys, women have quickly started making headway in the industry and gaming world now, too. With the popularity of gaming growing as quickly […]