Choosing The Right Computer Gaming Chair

We love gaming here at Obutto. Our passion is providing the most comfortable and exciting gaming experience for gamers. When thinking about gaming, a lot of people don’t consider how important their computer gaming chair is. However, not any chair can be a gaming chair. You need comfort, system capability, added features, and several other things that you should consider when making the investment in a computer gaming chair.

If you’re hunting for a single console gaming chair and computer gaming chair, you may find it hard to get everything you want in one chair. It may be easier to find a comfortable computer chair that has all the features you want while at the computer, and then buy a separate gaming chair for console games at the TV. The one big difference between these two types of chairs is normally height. Most console gaming chairs sit lower to the floor so that they’re in the line of vision with the television while computer gaming chairs are often higher up to comfortably sit at desks.

When looking for a computer gaming chair you should consider the options available to you, as well as what space you have available for the chair itself. Many gaming chairs include ports for audio input and output, negating the necessity for an expensive gaming headset. This allows you to hear the audio from your games coming right out of the chair making for a surround sound experience. This greatly impacts your gaming experience and adds comfort to the already comfortable chair.

Computer Gaming Desks And You: How To Choose?

So you’ve got your new gaming rig set up and all put together and you’re smoothly running the newest Dark Souls II and Shadows Of Mordor at the same time! What about your desk, though? If you haven’t bought yourself a new desk in a while, it’s time to consider a new one. A computer desk set up for gaming adds functionality and comfort to your gaming experience. However, before buying your new computer gaming desk, there are a few things that you should take into consideration.

Size and style. There are several different sizes and styles of computer gaming desks. Do you need an L-shaped desk? A desk for left-handed people? What about the size of your desk? It’s a good idea to measure the space in which you’re going to put your desk first. Another good thing to keep in mind is the storage capabilities. If you want to store books and gaming accessories like headsets and controllers, it’s best to get a desk with a few drawers and cabinets.

Other features to consider in a computer gaming desk is cd racks to hold your games, a cabinet large enough to hold your computer tower, sliding keyboard trays, and monitor trays. All of these things are crucial to some while not that important to others. It greatly depends on your style of gaming and your preferences as a person when sitting down to game. On top of these things, there are more luxurious features that come with computer gaming desks like cup holds and mounts for steering wheels. Just a few things to consider!

What Features Are You Looking For In Your Gaming Chair?

As the gaming industry has expanded and turned into a billion dollar industry in the last two decades alone, more and more gaming accessories and items are becoming available to improve the gamer’s experience. While you may be tempted to buy the first gaming chair you see because, let’s face it, most of them look pretty darn cool, there are certainly a few things that you should consider first. From style, to system compatibility, to included features within the chair, know what you’re looking for and be an educated consumer.

After you’ve sorted out the key components, it’s time to have some fun with your gaming chair! Isn’t that what gaming is all about, anyway? Having fun?

Material. Today gaming chairs come in a myriad of materials. Cloth, mesh, vinyl, and polyurethane are just a few of the more popular materials that you can find. The choice is up to you and you should pick something that you will be comfortable in. However, keep in mind that materials like mesh and fabric breathe better and thus keep you cooler.

Storage. This is another one that’s entirely up to you. Do you want a gaming chair that comes with pockets or compartments that allow you to store extra controllers or headsets?

Arm rests. Those weary arms get quite a workout if you don’t have arm rests on which to give them a break every now and then.

Vibrating features. If you really want the ultimate gaming experience, choose a chair that has vibrating features.

What To Know: Gaming Chairs And System Compatibility

Several considerations need to be made when trying to decide what gaming chair to buy. Depending on what type of gamer you are and how much time you spend at your gaming computer or console, you should take into consideration a few things: gaming chair style, system compatibility, and gaming chair features. Because gaming is now a billion dollar industry where it is gaining more and more popularity every day, there’s plenty of online resources for all of your gaming chair needs.

Perhaps one of the more important considerations in choosing a gaming chair is ensuring that it has system compatibility with your console or setup. Our idea of a good time is not being excited for your perfect chair only for it to arrive and you find out that it isn’t compatible with your gaming system. Talk about a disappointment!

The most popular gaming consoles are Xbox, Playstation, and Wii, while popular PC gaming setups usually either run on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Most gaming chairs come with pre-installed speakers in the headrest that allow you to fully expand your gaming experience with audio coming out of the chair right near your ears. These speakers normally require an audio input and output that connect to you TV or monitor through HDMI. Even though a cord is seemingly easy, consider a wireless connection instead to avoid tripping. In addition to built-in speakers, some gaming chairs come with built in subwoofers that create an all around, unique gaming experience for all.

Choosing The Right Gaming Chair Style For You

No matter what gaming console or setup you have in your home or dorm, the importance of choosing the right gaming chair is very crucial to your overall gaming experience. As it is necessary to be comfortable when you sit down to dive into your new favorite game, it’s also necessary to have proper back support and other ergonomic features. Chair styles, features, and system compatibility are all things that you should consider when looking to improve your gaming experience.

The style of gaming chair that you choose deals highly with gamer preference. After all, you’re going to be spending quite a lot of up close and personal time with your new chair.

Gaming Rockers: One part rocking chair and one part gaming control center, gaming rockers are ideal for those who want to be comfortable while gaming. Rockers sit directly on the floor and allow you to either rock a little bit while gaming or lean all the way back and relax.

Pedestal Gaming Chairs: Pedestal chairs allow you to be just as comfortable without sitting almost directly on the floor and giving you a swivel option. With a straight shot look at your monitor or TV.

Gaming Racing Chairs: If you really like to feel like you’re in the driver’s seat of your gaming experience, then the gaming racing chair is certainly for you. Gaming racing chairs come equipped with pedals and wheels so you have a realistic experience without leaving your house. Thanks to these hands-on racing tools, these types of chairs are perfect for driving games and flight simulators.

Change Everything With The Obutto Gaming Chair

If you’re looking for a superior gaming chair then you already know the advantages that they can have on your gaming experience as a whole. Having a space totally dedicated to your passion and gaming allows you to let all other concerns fall to the wayside so that you can truly enjoy what you love to do without any distractions. You also probably realize that a good gaming chair takes care of your back so that you don’t injure it or experience back pain while playing, and you know that built in speakers in Obutto gaming chairs save you the hassle of finding and buying an expensive gaming headset.

Our Obutto gaming chairs and cockpits give you the ultimate gaming experience. Included within the cockpit is a real sports carseat with lumbar support and added comfort, hidden cable management, a fully stable steel frame, a fully articulating keyboard and mouse for maximum positioning, monitor stands, as well as mounts for another monitor, shifter mount, steering wheel mount, mount for desk clamping yokes, and much more. This means everything you need will be in one spot and ready for the ultimate gaming experience.

We have customers of all shapes, sizes, and ages. From 7 to 75, from under 4 feet tall to almost 7 feet tall, and from 30 pounds to over 400 pounds. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone is shaped differently but thousands and thousands of Obutto gaming chairs and cockpits sold, 99% of our buyers have a 100% customer satisfaction. Shop today and step up your gamer game!

A Gaming Chair Is An Investment In Your Gaming Experience

Gaming is becoming an increasingly popular activity among people of all ages in the world today. As we have made games, gaming rigs, and gaming consoles more available to more people, gaming has turned into a huge industry. In the past two decades, gaming has seen itself grow into a billion dollar industry. Used for everything from education to simulating racing to simulated surgeons and operations, gaming has taken an entirely new direction in what can be done and what people are doing with it. One thing that many people don’t consider when setting up their gaming rig is the ever-important gaming chair. However, gaming chairs are quire important to the entire gaming experience.

A gaming chair allows you to be fully immersed within the game you’re playing. Oftentimes people are easily distracted when they’re sitting on their couch and playing games. People tend to take breaks to check their texts, facebook, or do some chores and interrupt their session. Even if they’re playing a rather engrossing game, playing from the couch allows them to stay connected to reality enough to still think about those dishes that need to be done or the clutter on the kitchen table.

However, when you’re nice and close to your monitor or TV in a very comfortable chair, you tend to let all those concerns fade away and let yourself be fully immersed within the game and gaming experience. Having a space that’s completely dedicated to gaming is nice and allows you to get away from everything else and enjoy the things you love.


Buying Your Gaming Chair And Invest In Your Back

More and more people all over the world are getting into gaming as a popular way to use their free time. Once thought to only be an activity enjoyed by men and boys, women have quickly started making headway in the industry and gaming world now, too. With the popularity of gaming growing as quickly as it is, here at Obutto we wanted to make sure that more of these gamers had access to proper (and fun!) gaming chairs. Do you realize how important it is to have a good gaming chair? Many people don’t!

There are several different types of gamers, from casual gamers to very serious gamers and everything in between. Obviously the type of chair you should consider is dependent on what type of gamer you are and how much you spend at the computer or television. The first major benefit is certainly the prevention of various back and other body injuries from setting improperly for house at a time. Most gamers sit in one position for the entire session they’re gaming. It’s imperative that these gamers must sit comfortably when they play video games and that they must have a normal body position so that they can prevent injuries to their backs in the future.

Other benefits to gaming chairs include top of the line speakers installed directly into the chair so that gamers can enjoy a better gaming experience. These already-installed speakers save gamers money by not forcing them to also spend hundreds on expensive gaming headsets.


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NEW distributor in Vietnam…WOOOT!

Obutto is pleased to announce our new distributor in the amazingly beautiful country of Vietnam…An Phat PC!  We are very pleased with our new partnership and look forward to the Vietnamese enjoying some Obutto goodness!!

Our original oZone gaming cockpit took the world by storm as it was the first gaming cockpit that offered ergonomic computer use & accurately positioned mounts for all gaming.  The r3volution carries the torch to a new level, offering unheard of adjustability, stability and ergonomics.  Of course all the familiar mounts are available for sim racing & flight sims too!  For all you oZone owners, don’t worry we’ll always look out for ya….the new r3v fully articulating keyboard/mouse tray, r3v monitor stand/triple mount & obutto cupholder are all available as accessories to fit your oZone’s ;)

Don’t miss out, if you live in Vietnam and are keen to place an order for either a r3volution cockpit/workstation, or the oZone, now is the time!

An Phat PC

Singapore distributor now importing obutto r3volution cockpit & workstation

We are very pleased to announce our Singapore distributor, Obutto SG,  will have a shipment of r3volution cockpits & workstations by next month!  For the past year we have supplied r3volutions to the SE Asian region direct from Beijing, but now you will be able to save on shipping costs.

Our original oZone gaming cockpit took the world by storm as it was the first gaming cockpit that offered ergonomic computer use & accurately positioned mounts for all gaming.  The r3volution carries the torch to a new level, offering unheard of adjustability, stability and ergonomics.  Of course all the familiar mounts are available for sim racing & flight sims too!  For all you oZone owners, don’t worry we’ll always look out for ya….the new r3v fully articulating keyboard/mouse tray, r3v monitor stand/triple mount & obutto cupholder are all available as accessories to fit your oZone’s 😉

Don’t miss out, if you live in SE Asia and are keen to place an order for either a r3volution cockpit/workstation, or the oZone, now is the time!