Change Everything With The Obutto Gaming Chair

If you’re looking for a superior gaming chair then you already know the advantages that they can have on your gaming experience as a whole. Having a space totally dedicated to your passion and gaming allows you to let all other concerns fall to the wayside so that you can truly enjoy what you love to do without any distractions. You also probably realize that a good gaming chair takes care of your back so that you don’t injure it or experience back pain while playing, and you know that built in speakers in Obutto gaming chairs save you the hassle of finding and buying an expensive gaming headset.

Our Obutto gaming chairs and cockpits give you the ultimate gaming experience. Included within the cockpit is a real sports carseat with lumbar support and added comfort, hidden cable management, a fully stable steel frame, a fully articulating keyboard and mouse for maximum positioning, monitor stands, as well as mounts for another monitor, shifter mount, steering wheel mount, mount for desk clamping yokes, and much more. This means everything you need will be in one spot and ready for the ultimate gaming experience.

We have customers of all shapes, sizes, and ages. From 7 to 75, from under 4 feet tall to almost 7 feet tall, and from 30 pounds to over 400 pounds. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone is shaped differently but thousands and thousands of Obutto gaming chairs and cockpits sold, 99% of our buyers have a 100% customer satisfaction. Shop today and step up your gamer game!

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