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What is a gaming cockpit? Is it a sim rig or something for sim-racing or flight sims?

In short Gaming Cockpits are a specialized computer desk designed specifically for comfortable use of a computer, peripherals and sim controllers, which is everything a computer user needs.  In 2006, Obutto revolutionized how we use a computer when we created the ORIGINAL  gaming cockpit, the OZONE, and we’ve advanced the concept even further with our latest gaming cockpit, the R3VOLUTION. Desk’s were designed over a thousand years ago for writing on, not using a keyboard/mouse.  The seating position  in a chair or office chair places all of the body’s…

What is ergonomics and why does it matter?

Ergonomics is a broad term used in the modern world.  In short, ergonomics is about supporting the body properly in order to be comfortable.  Sadly though, it is often overlooked because it is too confusing to understand, appears too vague, perceived to be too costly, or simply because people do not know where to begin. We all know how sore we get while using a computer at a desk, and this shouldn’t be a surprise as desks were designed thousands of years ago for writing.  Even so-called “computer desks” are really just a slight variation of a VERY old design…the desk!



oZone gaming cockpits

r3volution gaming cockpits
  • 真正赛车座椅,靠背可倾斜,可前后调节
  • 双滑轨可前后调解
  • 非常坚固的后壁碳钢管(32mm直径)
  • 坚如巨石的H档托盘。两侧可安装并且高度可调
  • 坚固的桌板,方向盘安装托盘
  • 非常稳固的亚克力桌板,用双面胶轻松固定
  • 三屏显示器支撑臂,仅支持横向悬挂
  • 旋转,抽伸键盘鼠标托盘
  • 键盘鼠标托盘上附有鼠标垫
  • 可选择安装的显示器挂板,预留孔位有  75x75mm, 100x100mm, 200x100mm
  • 附有细楞橡胶垫的踏板托盘,前后位置以及角度可调节


  • Obutto 饮品杯托可摆放您最喜爱的饮品
  • 全方位可调节亚克力桌板,可旋转,仰俯并可用于悬挂液晶屏
  • 单屏显示器及三屏显示器均可横向,纵向调节显示器
  • 真正赛车座椅,靠背可调,底座有贴心设计的后仰角度
  • 非常坚固的架体 2.3mm厚碳钢管
  • 全角度可调节键盘鼠标托盘,让用户随心所欲
  • 键盘鼠标托盘包含整体附着鼠标垫
  • 分体式设计的单显支架,可支持19寸-60寸的显示屏、电视的最佳摆放距离
  • 但屏显示器支臂有25厘米的伸缩距离,让显示器位置调节易如反掌
  • 坚固牢固的踏板托盘,可调节三档角度以及多档位置
  • 中间固定板有预留两组vesa安装孔,除方向盘安装以外,还可以挂显示器
  • 中间(方向盘)托盘高度,角度,仰俯可调节
  • 镂空式设计为暗藏凌乱的电线提供良好的隐藏位置
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