What are Ergonomic Workstations?

In short, Obutto ergonomic workstations are a specialized computer desk designed specifically to use a computer & peripherals, which is everything a computer user needs. In 2006, Obutto revolutionized the way we use a computer after developing the first affordable ergonomic workstation!

We have all experienced being fatigued at our desks, our backs, arms or wrists ache, and we constantly shuffle around in our chairs.  We try sitting up straight to stretch our backs or perform some other type of stretching move, but eventually just stand up to take a break.   ALL of this affects our productivity and stems from 1 simple fact…the desk was designed for writing, not using a keyboard and mouse!

Desk’s were designed over a thousand years ago for writing on, not using a keyboard/mouse.  The seating position in a chair or office chair places all of the body’s weight on our backsides which is not a natural position for humans.  Furthermore, the keyboard and mouse are not in an ergonomic position, which in conjunction with the upright seating position, causes people to hunch over after prolonged use.  Lastly, the monitor is too low on a desktop which strains the neck as it is out of alignment with the spine.  What all of this creates is very poor ergonomics, and this is why we ache when using a computer at a desk.

back pain at desk, needs an obutto ergonomic workstation

Therefore, after countless years of discomfort we decided to start from scratch and create an ergonomic workstation! At the time, there was already an entire industry trying to make an office chair & desk more ergonomic.  Products ranging from footrests, wrist-pads, lumbar and neck pillows, but these “band-aids” never addressed the cause of the problem…the desk & chair.  Other design companies began creating very supportive office chairs that truly are great chairs, they simply look slick and provide great back support. However, the main issue is not addressed, which is the inevitable return to sitting forward in the seat and hunching over the keyboard and mouse. Therefore, any benefit from the proper back support incorporated into the chair remains untapped.   So we threw out everything about the ancient desk design and set out to create an ergonomic workstation which catered to endless hours of comfortable use of the keyboard & mouse and any peripherals.

In our ergonomic workstation design, we created a reclined seating position to redistribute the user’s weight.  This was accomplished by providing an elevated foot rest to raise outstretched legs, and we chose an automotive grade seat to support the users back.  Next, we created a large, stable keyboard & mouse tray that could be positioned in a low ergonomic position, keeping the users forearms parallel to the ground.  Lastly, we designed a height adjustable monitor stand so the user could set their monitors at a proper height which keeps their neck aligned with their spine.  Due to this more reclined and supported seating positions armrests are no longer needed.

We then moved onto the fully articulating tabletops to hold essential items, but these are not just flat surfaces.  The tabletops can be articulated & tilted for easy reading of documents, tablets, laptops, etc, or can be positioned directly in front of the user for using a writing or drawing pad.  Furthermore, the tabletops can be left off and additional displays or touchscreens can be mounted to the included VESA mounting plates.

Lastly, fully articulating triple monitor mounts were created to attach to our ergonomic workstations centre monitor mount.  These can hold monitors in landscape, portrait, or a combination of the two.  The centre monitor also has a fully articulating arm with over 25cm of travel, so the result is three monitors can be easily positioned and adjusted when needed, and all set at a proper height for maximum ergonomics.

Just as desks were designed for writing, holding papers, books, folders, pencils, pens, etc, our ergonomic workstations were designed for comfortable use of a computer & peripherals.