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    Hi, i’m not very good in english and this is hard for me to explain my problems, so please accept my apologies before i start, this is also why i never talk about that before (and i never find the courage and the time to do) but i’m disappointed by my Obutto R3volution.

    I have bought them almost one year ago now, and after a lot of delivery issues (Seat traveled across all Europe before going here) i have founded severals problems.

    First, the spin torso is not flat at all.
    The left side “bar” (i’m not sure of the word) are to high beside the right side, so the torso is twisted, the result of that, my wheel are never straight.
    This is my major issue.

    Another one, the plate for pedals moove, and when you place your feet on it you can ear an annoying “CLINK”.

    Another one (again sorry) i have reived one of my acrylic table top scratched (i ‘m not sure of the word sorry again :p ) in a corner, not a big deal, but for 120 dollars (thanks to the european price the day when i ordered) i expected them to be perfect.
    And one of them are not straight to, because of the metal piece little twisted to (when you fix the arm of the acrylic table).

    Also, i have moovement in the seat to (lile one in very old car) and a metal bar inside look like broken (on the middle) one day i heard a CRAC.
    An now the middle of the seat are “soft” no resistance in it.
    My weight is about 120 lbs just for info, i’m very light, so this is not my weight have broken the internal bar of the seat, and i’m the only one user of it.

    I meet lots of other small issues such as welds that are sometimes sloppy (I’m a welder, I know what I mean), but issues above are the main for me.

    The other thing i can report this is you don’t sale 5.1 mounts for 21:9 setup.
    This is disappointing, and yet I remember seeing people tell you already a year before, so i think you don’t have the intention to evolve at all, right ?

    This is all.
    This post is just for sharing my own experience (i hope is understandable i am very bad english i know), the principle of this gaming rig is awesome, but honestly, for 1100$ (Thanks European stupid taxes and massive shippings fee’s) if we had to redo it, i will not ordering it again.

    Even if i have to build it by myself and I do not recommend it for anyone.

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