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    Just wanted to share my setup.

    My setup

    Screens: 3x 40″ 4k Philips
    Chassi: Fractal Design Define XL R2
    CPU: Intel Core i7 4770K 3.5Ghz
    GPUs: 2x Asus GeForce GTX 980 Ti Strix OC (SLI)
    Memory: 4x 4GB Corsair XMS3 1600Mhz
    PSU: Corsair TX850
    Motherboard: MSI Z87 Xpower
    Hardrives: OCZ Vertex 3 SSD 120GB + Samsung HD103UJ 1TB + Samsung HD204UI 2TB + Seagate Barracuda ST3320620AS 320GB + Samsung HD502IJ 500GB
    Sound: Logitech Z-906
    Transducers: 2x Buttkicker Gamer 2 + Behringer EP2000 Europower
    Headtracking: TrackIR 5
    Keyboard: Corsair K95
    Mouse: Logitech G502
    Steering wheel, pedals and shifters/handbrakes: Logitech G27 + Frex Shift+ + Frex Handb+
    Joystick, rudder pedals and thrusters: Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog A-10C + Saitek Pro Flight Combat Rudder pedals



    Sorry for missing this Fresa as the forums have been acting up again and new peeps can’t register. Anyhow, WICKID r3v man!! Did those 3 40’s bolt right up? I always wondered if 40’s would fit hehe! Also sweet rig you built too!

    Thanks for your support Fresa, enjoy man!!

    Best regards,



    Thanks 🙂

    Actually, it’s not bolt on with the original 3 display mounts. You need to utilize two 3-display mount sets by extending the first with the second’s first arm segment (you’ll end up with 3 arm segments instead of original 2). It will however flex the arms even more, which makes it a bit tricky to align the displays. One of the arm was flexing much more then the other, so I had to flip the square box which is attached to the VESA mount, and use the upper hole to get the display as high up as possible, but it works 🙂


    The LED’s showing on the picture is an ambilight system I’ve built myself consisting of 200 LEDs and a custom made software communicating with an Arduino.



    So, I decided it was time to upgrade again. This is my current setup 🙂

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