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    after a long time of all work and no play I’ve gotten around to design further things for my beloved Obutto. This time round it addresses the problem of having FPS and flight controls simultaneously – a very big thing for people who want to play Star Citizen properly!

    So I’ve gotten myself a Razer Orbweaver. Pretty cool little thing, but where to put it? Needs to go next to my Warthog throttle, so I’ve designed a little mount with articulating arm based on the mechanics of the monitor stand to clamp to one of the Obutto poles.

    Once I’ve 3D printed the parts and the design is validated as a working solution, I will make the files publically available for the community. 🙂



    From below

    It swivels and adjusts…

    Adjusted from above

    Adjusted from below

    Input and feature requests welcome!

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    Getting there…


    More test parts

    Almost complete first working prototype



    I definitely need one of these!

    My original thought had been a left-side arm rest that was a shallow V or a curve to cradle my arm in place. In front of that would be a angled (bent) mounting platform with the Warthog throttle rotated almost 90deg CCW into a more natural plane.on the left side and the Orbweaver flat on the right side of the plate.

    Barring that, I really like what you’ve done here and will definitely look at getting someone to print it for me. Because you’re right: You need both the throttle and keypad right there to do SC properly 🙂



    Looks great. Though I wonder, can’t you just use the left tabletop mount of the r3volution for that? You mount it upside down so it is lower, you remove the acrylic tabletop and you tie it on the VESA plate.
    I did that with the right tabletop to put my keyboard on instead of the keyboard tray (I find the keyboard tray too big).
    I do not use an orbweaver, for fps I use a trackball and my steelseries keyboard, but I think it could work.
    With my mod (see my other thread about my flight sim mod) I can easily switch between a flight sim configuration and an fps one, which is handy to play star citizen…



    @mhe how is your mount coming? Very excited to see this come together 🙂



    Well, while waiting for @mhe to finish his, I build the low-cost option.

    Orbweaver alone
    Made from a 1′ square piece of 16ga steel, cut to the bottom of the Orbweaver, and bent with a 1.5″ rise. It just barely reaches to the other mounting holes of the throttle. Another 3/4″ would be necessary to reach the bolts, but on the other hand, this doesn’t affect the mount. Totally solid, no flex at all and no wiggle. Painted with two coats of Rustoleum 2X Ultra Flat Black.

    Next to the Warthog


    As you can see, the result is a very lightweight mount, that doesn’t affect the clearance underneath. The only downside is it’s not adjustable at all. But all in it was $35 for the plate and paint (Home Depot) and someone with a sheet metal brake to do the bends.



    Sorry for being absent so long. Haven’t been dead or something, just busy as hell with work which requires a tremendous amount of travelling.

    So I killed my 3D printer but I will finish a new one once I am back home and then I’ll print the final missing part of this setup. Had problems with printing the Orbweaver platform part in one piece because of some weird feeding problem but that should be a thing of the past with the new printer.

    The 3D designs are finished and I have also mounted the arm on my Obutto so far, works great.

    hard4ng: I can’t just use the left desktop. Inverted or not, you’d never get the arm into the correct position for my pit as I have a 23 inch touchscreen in the center for running Helios in DCS. Since I have come to use my Rift CV1 more and more in DCS the touchscreen might go away at some point but still using the left desk arm will never be as comfortable as having a dedicated platform for the Orbweaver. Star Citizen is coming along nicely, now if the people at CIG don’t mess it up too bad (like implementing VR just as an afterthought, which would mess up the game horribly), then this will be very very awesome in the long run.

    GeraldEvans: Your solution looks awesome, very nice craftsmanship right there! 🙂



    Thanks @mhe Got to do what you’ve got to do, right? I’m with you on CIG making VR more than an afterthought. That would defeat the entire purpose of my rig.

    Next up for me, get someone to widen the footbox so I can fit some Slaw pedals in there.



    So I have finally found the time (and working printer) to complete the project. Sorry that it took me that long, real life got in the way.
    Enjoy your freebies everyone:

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    @mhe That’s great! Thanks for uploading them 🙂 How stiff is it when placed? No tendency to rotate? Is there a way to tighten the parts together to fix the position?



    You’re welcome! The stiffness is dependent on the material used and how precise your printer is. I made it deliberately tight but you can use a drill to make the ring part of the mount a bit wider, therefore decreasing friction. I made the platform out of EDGE and the arm with PLA, stiffness is just right after a little bit of messing around with a drill. The friction of the Orbweaver itself against the platform is definitely smaller than the tendency to rotate. Might have to resort to double sided tape or velcro to attach it properly.

    Should you widen it too much by accident, I’d put a rubber O-ring on the pole of the platform, that should cause more friction and hold it in place. The arm tension itself can be adjusted by how much you tighten the screws. Vertical sagging is not a problem at all, even if you place your hand on there, long time testing still needs to be done. If all else fails you can always use something crazy like carbon fibre PLA with 100% infill, that should be almost as steel as far as rigidity goes.



    @mhe Do you think your design could be adapted to supporting a mouse pad off of a right hand mounted joystick? I like what I did with mine, but the mouse is somewhat of a problem and my hand goes from neutral on the stick to twisted outward on the mouse.

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