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    This will eventually be a full mod as I adapt the oZone to make it perfect for my purposes.

    Since I have a small apartment, achieving a high WAF means I can’t have everything stacked about the room. The oZone has more than a foot of depth between the monitor and the very front of the rig so I started by adding two brackets to the front so that my computer case could sit up off the ground for increased cooling and to reduce the footprint of my gaming rig. I left it open underneath since the feet of my case (Cooler Master Storm Stryker) are the perfect width for me to bolt the case down through them, but if needed I can bolt a shelf across it and set any case there.

    Brackets mounted

    Bolted down the case.

    The next thing I wanted to do was attach my Razer Orbweaver next to my Warthog throttle so that I could jump from flying to FPS. I saw @mhe‘s 3D printed mod and thought that it would be a great high end solution, I could do a cheap and effective alternative. I took a 1’x1’ 16 ga steel plate and traced out the shape of my gamepad, and then had it bent with pre-stressed bends to make it super rigid. I have since moved from HOTAS to HOSAS (dual stick) but I still want the keypad there.

    @abaddon and I apparently had the same idea on how to adapt the oZone for a game that requires a keyboard, mouse and joysticks or HOTAS all at the same time. Particularly when we’re moving into VR, putting the controls within easy reach and in a predictable location is huge. So today I finally finished my center keyboard mount. I’m going to add a covered storage box to it to hold my Rift, but it looks good so far.

    I had a local welding shop add two supports sticking out from the uprights at a two degree upward angle since my monitor uprights leaned forward two degrees and as I want the top flat as a surface for game notes and coffee, I wanted the working surface totally level. These are supported by a small fillet on each side. On the top is a full width shelf with a 1/2″ lip in the back to prevent things from falling off the back, and in the front is a 3/4″ lip to prevent the keyboard from falling out of its track

    I then located the holes for the keyboard track, drilled and countersunk the holes. I also added four holes (one in from each corner) so that I can attach a storage box I intend to make which will hold my Rift and Touch controllers. I then prepped and painted it a matte black to match the oZone.

    @chris I think this could be a great stock part for you guys. Instead of welding the whole assembly together, two sockets could be added to the monitor uprights and the shelf with it’s legs could slot in there and be tightened down like the rest of the Obutto accessories.

    Painted but prior to assembly
    Deployed (prior to painting)
    Stowed (prior to painting)

    I am in a month or so be removing the angled side posts that make up the footbox so that I can put a pair of Slaw RX Viper’s in there.

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    Every Obutto owner should have a couple of these:

    Shaft collar

    This is a 1″ ID split locking shaft collar around the Warthog Throttle mounting post. You can see the rub marks above the collar near the 90° bend from spinning it out of my way. Previously I would have to spin it back in place, lift it to where I wanted it, and then lock it down.

    With the shaft collar in place I don’t have to lift it anymore. Just set the height once and done. Cost: $9.36

    This will work on oz0ne and R3volution accessories as they use a 1″ OD mounting post. So, your shifter, joystick, throttle, and keyboard / mouse tray.



    PEDALS!! They are installed and I am happy about them. Full-on Slaw Device pedals sitting in my Ozone.

    I had to have the brackets that help up my tower removes, but the overall effect is the same. You can see the whole gallery here but this is the change.



    One hell of a setup, did you do anything else to it in the meantime?

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