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    I am considering an Obutto R3V to replace me ole’ desk. I saw Chris’s video demonstration and it is definitely a very good system that I am attracted to. However, one questionable area is irking me. Is it possible to ergonomically have a mouse and keyboard setup in front of you for 1st person shooters and, simultaneously, a joystick on the right and throttle on the left? I am looking to be able to do both ergonomically. Why? Star Citizen….I need to access to move from 1st person mouse and keyboard to sim and vice versa easily. I don’t want to be leaning over, reaching, or re positioning various arms to access any of the various instruments.

    Is this possible? (and no, I am no a modder – just a buyer)




    Well, I found this on the Obutto forums: http://obutto.com/index.php/forums/topic/joystick-and-keyboard-tray-question/ (sorry for missing it before posting).

    It appears, for center stick or side sticks, the answer is “no you cannot unless you remove a stick? As much as I will be going between FPS mouse/key and joystick in a single game, it would seem a bit much to keep removing and replacing the stick on and off the floor (cuz my back is no the best – even though the r3v is low to the ground). Now, if I was changing actual games, from a flight sim to an fps, it seems like “no biggie” to just remove it.

    Maybe there a mod or solution I am unaware of? Can the side stick be swiveled out of the way instead of remove/reinsert? That would be ok.

    Thanks again.



    Hey mudslinger,

    Thanks for your interest in our r3v cockpit! We actually have loads of SC’ers using our cockpits as it really fits the game perfectly.

    Re your question, you really can’t leave your keyboard/mouse tray in front of you in an ideal position when using your sidestick & throttle. Reason is the keyboard/mouse tray would not be in it’s intended ergonomic position. Therefore, after sitting down in your aircrafts cockpit just articulate the keyboard/mouse tray to the side and enjoy the flying with an easy reach to your keyboard for flight controls, etc. Then after landing, loosen the knob on your stick mount, rotate the mount to the side and then articulate your keyboard/mouse tray back in front of you…takes 10 secs or less and less time then taking off a harness in a pilots seat 😉

    Some folks utilize the left acrylic tabletop for their keyboard when flying as you can angle it and have an even easier reach to your flight control keys. An extra step, but takes no time at all.

    Hope this clarifies mud!

    Best regards,




    I’m facing this same issue, and have a couple of ideas I’m going to try (when I get the time):
    1) a hinged mount that bolts to the centre-stick bolt holes, and a custom adapter for the keyboard tray so that it is mounted centrally (and can be pushed away / under the monitor to get in and out) – this will allow the joystick mounts to swivel in from the side easily whilst keeping the keyboard & mouse somewhat central and accessible. or
    2) getting a replacement keyboard tray made up that is about a foot wider. I can then mount it on the existing arm (with the plate facing outwards) resulting in about 6 inches extra room either side (as a bonus, it moves the mounting bolts to the outside, so that I don’t catch them with my thigh when using pedals). The drawback is that the sticks will be quite wide apart, which isn’t ideal. As such, I may get the tray made up in a semi-circular design (or with the sides swept back)

    Unfortunately, the core problem is that we need too many peripherals at the same time… Personally, I need space for 2 joysticks, keyboard, mouse, and G13 (prefer G13 for FPS), and I don’t think there is an ergonomic way to have all of those correctly positioned in reach at the same time.

    Alternatively, as I’m only using the keyboard for chatting etc, I could mount it to the Steering Wheel mount, leaving the tray for the other stuff. This could work, but would make it harder type (my seat is as far back as it can get without falling off the frame, making it a stretch to reach the wheel plate).

    Still, I think a ‘good’ solution to this would be applicable to more than just Star Citizen 🙂



    Hey fellas, sorry for such a late reply but I’ve been playing around with setups for the r3v with SC in mind. Anyhow, after loads of tinkering I’ve found this to be a very good setup for SC (ie flight sim & fps). Of course any setup depends on the users primary style of play in SC, either mostly flight, mostly fps, or a balance between the two. The pic below show the 3 setups, with the first two being for folks focused on more flying with the last being for more fps minded citizens or more balanced play between flying & killing. This image was made for a new page on our site currently being constructed so here’s a first peek 🙂

    Flight to FPS....SC goodness in a r3v!

    Please see the below descriptions per the 3 setups….

    Setup 1: mostly flight

    Keyboard/mouse tray mounted in first holes on left (or right can be used depending on your room setup). Flight stick & throttle mounts mounted in the middle’ish holes and seat slid all the way back.

    Keyboard is used on the left articulating tabletop which is articulated so that it is an easy reach with the throttle hand…also it is angled. Mouse is used on right tabletop (will need a mouse pad for this) and articulated near the stick but kept flat.

    When flying the seat is all the way back with a very easy reach to the angled keyboard, as well as the mouse. To switch to fps just slide your seat forward a bit to reach the keyboard & mouse….takes less then 5 secs.

    *Optional is loosening the plastic knobs on the stick & throttle mounts and rotating them out of the way or even taking the time to move your keyboard & mouse to the keyboard/mouse tray….it really just depends on how much time you plan to spend in fps mode*

    Setup 2: mostly flight

    Same mounting locations as above but you instead use your keyboard/mouse on it’s tray.

    When flying the seat is all the way back, and keyboard is still within reach if you lean forward a bit. To switch to fps just slide seat forward and pull the tray towards you….takes 3-5secs.

    *Optional is loosening the plastic knobs on the stick & throttle mounts and rotating them out of the way* ……if this is also done it takes a total of 10secs or less.

    Setup 3: mostly fps or 50/50

    Same mounting locations as the above 2 setups, but you would start off with your seat slid more forward and your stick & throttle already loosened and rotated outward. When switching to flying, just slide your seat back all the way, rotate the stick & throttle inward and tighten the knobs…….takes 10 secs or less.

    If starting out in flight mode, seat is all the way back and stick & throttle are positioned. When switching to fps loosen the knobs for the stick & throttle mount, rotate them outward, slide your seat forward & pull the keyboard/mouse tray back toward you…..takes 10secs or less.



    oOps, forgot to mention but we are starting a new series of vids on our YouTube channel covering questions we’ve received over the past 9yrs and the first vid will be covering this very topic…..How to switch from flight to fps in our r3v 🙂 We will also do a similar vid in our oZone at a later date 🙂 Anyhow, once this vid is published I’ll update the thread but we will also release it as a blog or news post on the site and most likely create a sticky for forum users.

    Thanks fellas 😉



    Thanks for looking into this and posting the configurations. I look forward to seeing the solution on video! It could help a lot of us decided, with finality, whether the R3V could properly cover our FPS and FLIGHT needs with ease..



    I tried the second one, but I improved it a bit. I’m using the keyboard tray on the right first two holes as you suggested. But after that I made a change and that makes everything better and easier. 🙂

    First, I’m using the shifter mount for the throttle on the left last two holes, so I can rotate it outwards. This makes a ton space to get in and out to the cockpit. The second change is instead of using the joystick mount on the right side I’m actually using the throttle mount. There is a very simple reason behind it. When I’m untighten the normal joystick mount it simply slides down in the mounting hole and it is very irritating and slow process to set it up again – compared to everything when you have this cockpit. By using the throttle mount instead, it stays at the same height (maybe 1cm lower but you can’t notice it) as the shifter mount so I just have turn it away if I’m not using it.



    I’ve built my rig for just this similar purpose, here is what I did:

    First off I deviated from the build instructions and mounted the front crossbar under the seat in holes 3 and 4 instead of 1 and 2. That is where the seat ends when slid all the way back, and I have it all back at all times (I’m tall). KB/M tray is mounted left to holes 1 and 2. CH throttle is on the throttle mount in holes 5 and 6. It’s a low height sliding throttle, the KB/M tray actually fits over it. I’d prefer the tray bit lower, but then I hit my knees against it when working the pedals. CH Fighterstick is in the holes 5 and 6 on the right side, the cup holder right behing in 7 and 8. I can pull the tray close enough for typing comfortably, keyboard slightly offset to the left in perfect reach for the left hand, mouse is just a little in front and left from the stick. I needn’t rotate out either stick or throttle.



    Oops, I just noticed the I also use the stick on the throttle mount and vice versa. But it’s fine that way.



    Hey Lesser, thanks for updating this thread with your own setup. Sounds great and well done on mounting that front crossbar further back! Enjoy man!!



    I’m looking at either the Ozone (which I could afford now) and the R3v which I can’t yet. This is primarily for Star Citizen, but I’m not at all okay with the solution proposed of removing the stick every time you go to FPS mode. This will happen way too frequently (repairing systems, manning turrets, EVAing, etc) to be practical.

    The wheel mount on the R3v looks like I could modify it into a keyboard tray which would bring the keyboard down to just in front of and over the centrally mounted Warthog. With the joystick flush against the seat between my knees I think this would be comfortable typing height. Throttle on the left (with that awesome 3D printed Orbweaver mod), a mouse pad mounted on the right and I’m set. Once I can afford it.

    I wish there was a similar option for the Ozone so I could start using it now. Well, February 29th anyway. Perhaps there’s a way to suspend the keyboard tray from the middle crossbar of the Ozone and use lockable articulating arms or a swing away keyboard tray to bring it into reach after sitting? I don’t mind some drilling…

    At the end of the day I’ll never use a wheel. It’s interesting and I do like racing games, but not enough to bother with the extra accessory. I also am building this for VR / single monitor gaming with an emphasis on Star Citizen,. so the triple monitor mount isn’t necessary. Has anyone made this work? Anyone have ideas?



    I just want to add my two cents to the OP for my solution to this exact problem – and the bigger issues of long term comfort in fps games.

    I use Chris’s warthog mount (Which I’ve heavily modded for better / more accurate flight positions) so they are basically permanently fixed and in place. If I need to do proper work, I pull out the centre stick and put it under the chair, but it still leaves the l bracket in place which can make getting in and out awkward 0r painful.

    However I asked Chris to sell me an additional keyboard tray and l bracket. And I’ve mounted it on the opposite side to the one that comes with the cockpit.

    Now I have two freaking amazingly comfortable arm rests, my mouse on the right one, and my keyboard ( or a gaming keyboard like the orbweaver) on the left one, but my throttle and stick are still in place, all I need to do is swing the left one over the throttle for fps – which doesn’t need the throttle – and push it slightly out to transition to ship board maneuvers.

    I’m so impressed by this setup I think it should be an optional package.

    Does that help? I can do photos if needed.



    Plus I have a 24″ touchscreen mounted on the ‘steering wheel’ spine and use Helios for touchscreen buttons, switches and Leigh’s. Plus two Thrustmadter cougar MFD’s stuck on the touchscreen monitor for extra tactile buttons.

    9i play SC, Elite Dangerous and DCS a lot, aside from Arma 3 and L4D) so I can totally vouch the revolution in this setup is a dream



    By all means! Who doesn’t love pictures?



    @mudslinger @zoe I modded my monitor mount to support a keyboard tray. Works perfectly and allows HOTAS or in my case HOSAS and mouse and keyboard simultaneously. You can see it in the Mods section.

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