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    In my pursuit of getting ever better flight sticks, I recently acquired a Virpil T-50 stick that somehow needed to get mounted to my Obutto.

    3D printing to the rescue:

    Should work fine with the recommended print settings in PLA (slightly wobbly), but if you want to have a seriously rigid one, do it in ColorFabb XT-CF20. It is pretty much indistinguishable from steel for this application. Also, Copolyesters like E3D Edge or ASA stuff like MatX should work well.

    ABS should also be doable, but given the size of the thing I’d expect warpage to be horrible to manage without an enclosed print area to keep temps stable.

    In any case, enjoy!



    Nice mhe,

    I hope you are enjoying your T-50!

    I just received my Gunfighter rev B with MCG and am thinking of mounting ideas for my revolution. Still deciding on side vs center mounting. Center is preferable for me, but slightly more ‘clunky’ when stowing, esp if using an extension.

    Ive thought about getting a Warthog kit, and affixing a custom plate for the Gunfighter since the base is only slightly bigger, but printing something never really occurred to me. Still, for the rigidity, I imagine the harder stocks would be pricey. Still, worth investigating as I am still trying to locate a metal shop that would take really small jobs.

    Thanks for the idea!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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