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It‘s not about the chair, it’s the seating position

Have you ever experienced a tired back, sore neck, or aching shoulders when gaming? This is caused by the upright sitting position when using a computer at a desk. Sitting upright in a chair is, simply, not a natural position for our bodies. Therefore, within an hour our backs get fatigued and we start hunching over with our upper body weight supported by our elbows on armrests. Once this happens pains and aches are created as our body’s are out of alignment. This shouldn’t be a surprise as an entire industry was created offering so-called “ergonomic” products to improve comfort when using a computer at a desk, but they fail since the base problem still exists, you have to sit upright to use a computer at a desk.

back pain at desk, needs an obutto ergonomic workstation

At Obutto, we threw out everything about the desk & chair, and focused on being comfortable when using a keyboard & mouse. This meant changing the unnatural upright seating position to a more “laid back” or reclined seating position by raising the legs, which distributes your weight across more of your body. So instead of all of your weight on your backside, it is now spread from your lower thighs to your lower back. From this more natural seating position armrests are no longer needed, and it is finally possible to use your keyboard & mouse for hours with no more aches.

This ergonomic seating position is provided by both our oZone & r3volution gaming cockpits, and they cost similar or even less than high end office chairs!

ergonomic seating position

Legs are stretched out and raised to distribute weight across more of your body


Seatback is reclined a bit and now the body’s weight is distributed from the lower back to the lower thighs


Keyboard/Mouse tray is low so the forearms are parallel to the ground, and your arms weight is supported by the seatback side bolsters. No need for armrests


Eyeline is at the centre of the monitor or just above so your neck stays in alignment with your spine


Cupholder for your favourite beverage!

What is a gaming cockpit? Is it for sim-racing?

In short Gaming Cockpits are a specialized “computer desk” designed specifically for comfortable use of a computer, peripherals and sim controllers, which is everything a computer user needs.  In 2006, Obutto revolutionized how we use a computer when we created the ORIGINAL  gaming cockpit, the OZONE, and we’ve advanced the concept even further with our latest gaming cockpit, the R3VOLUTION.

Gamers and hardcore computer users worldwide have been enjoying Obutto goodness for nearly a decade, it’s time to join the Obutto r3volution!

oZone gaming cockpits
  • obutto cup-holder for your favourite beverage
  • real car sports seat that is reclinable
  • real car seat sliders for easy adjustment
  • very stable thick walled carbon steel frame (3.2cm diameter pipe)
  • rock solid throttle/shifter mount, height adjustable and mounts on either side
  • very stable yoke/steering wheel mount, height & distance adjustable at angle
  • swiveling & telescoping keyboard/mouse tray
  • mouse pad material covers all of the keyboard/mouse tray
  • removable VESA monitor stand, standard VESA bolt patterns 75x75mm, 100x100mm, 200x100mm
  • height & distance adjustable rubber covered pedal tray, also fully removable
r3volution gaming cockpits
  • obutto cup-holder for your favourite beverage
  • real car sports seat that is reclinable & mounted at a tilt
  • very stable steel frame with 2mm thick walled tubing
  • fully articulating keyboard & mouse tray for optimal positioning
  • includes a self adhesive mouse pad material for covering all of keyboard/mouse tray
  • separate monitor stand to accommodate ergonomic viewing distance/angle from 19″ to 60″
  • main monitor mount has fully articulating arm with appx 25cm of travel
  • very rigid foot or pedal tray with angle adjustability & over 20cm of distance adjustability
  • shifter mount to accommodate major desk clamping shifters
  • main mount is pre-drilled for major steering wheels
  • main mount can accommodate desk clamping yokes
  • main mount is pre-drilled with 75x75mm & 100x100mm, 200x100mm VESA bolt patterns so displays can be mounted
  • main mount is height, distance and tilt adjustable
  • includes a 1.5mm thick self adhesive neoprene for steering wheel mount & pedal tray
  • hidden wire management through the front spine of the cockpit
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