What are Gaming Cockpits?

In short Gaming Cockpits are a specialized computer desk designed specifically to use a computer, peripherals and sim controllers, which is everything a computer user needs.  In 2006, Obutto revolutionized how we use a computer when we created the ORIGINAL  gaming cockpit, the OZONE, and we’ve advanced the concept even further with our latest gaming cockpit, the R3VOLUTION.

Desk’s were designed over a thousand years ago for writing on, not using a keyboard/mouse.  The seating position in a chair or office chair places all of the body’s weight on our backsides which is not a natural position for humans.  Furthermore, the keyboard and mouse are not in an ergonomic position, which in conjunction with the upright seating position, causes people to hunch over after prolonged use.  Lastly, the monitor is too low on a desktop which strains the neck as it is out of alignment with the spine.  What all of this creates is very poor ergonomics, and this is why we ache when using a computer at a desk.

desks are not ergonomic, gaming cockpits are
ergonomic seating position on r3volution ergonomic workstation

Therefore, after countless years of discomfort we decided to start from scratch and create what we called gaming cockpits! At the time, there were a few companies making sim-racing cockpits, and others making flight sim cockpits, but these were only for a specific type of sim.  Since we played all types of PC games and often worked from home, our “gaming cockpits” needed to cater to endless hours of comfortable use of the keyboard & mouse first, but also have accurately positioned mounts for sim controllers.

In order to make it possible to use a computer comfortably, we created a reclined seating position to redistribute the user’s weight.  This was accomplished by providing an elevated foot rest to raise outstretched legs, and we chose an automotive grade seat to support the users back.  Next, we created a large, stable keyboard & mouse tray that could be positioned in a low ergonomic position, keeping the users forearms parallel to the ground.  Lastly, we designed a height adjustable monitor stand so the user could set their monitors at a proper height which keeps the neck aligned with their spine.

With an ergonomic seating position sorted on our gaming cockpits, we moved onto accurately positioned mounts for sim-racing controllers (ie steering wheel, shifter & pedals).  One thing we noticed with existing “simracing cockpits” was none of them seemed to allow a proper race driving position, instead the steering wheels were too low.  Since we were keen track drivers in our real cars, we understood the importance of having the steering wheel high and closer to the body, just like real race car drivers, so we incorporated this into our gaming cockpits. The main mount was designed to easily mount any desk clamping steering wheel and was adjustable in height & distance, and the shifter mount was adjustable in distance & height…of course higher the better for track driving.   Lastly, the pedal tray was designed to accommodate all pedal sets being used and was adjustable in height & distance.

Lastly, we used our lifelong experience in aviation to create accurately positioned mounts for yokes, flight sticks/throttles and rudder pedals.   This included centre stick mounting locations for people that enjoyed flying older aircraft & earlier jet fighters, as well as a side stick option for those who preferred the current generation of fly-by-wire jet fighters.

Just as desks were designed for writing, holding papers, books, folders, pencils, pens, etc, our gaming cockpits were designed for comfortable use of a computer, peripherals and sim controllers.