It all began here with the original gaming cockpit!  The ergonomics, stability & versatility of the oZone cockpit has continued to challenge the status quo, at a very reasonable price.  Now going on 7+yrs the oZone is still showing the rest of the world you don’t have to be uncomfortable when using your computer!


The oZone not only provides comfortable & ergonomic use of your computer, but also comes standard with all the mounts needed for racing and flying with a yoke.   Work, socializing on the web, shooters, rpg’s, flight sims, simracing, whatever….the oZone gaming cockpit has you covered at a very reasonable price!  It even costs less than a so-called computer desk & half decent office chair!


The oZone gaming cockpit set a new standard for ergonomics!  Before the oZone gaming cockpit everyone dealt with the status quo.  With your legs stretched & back fully supported,  your body’s weight is more equally distributed.  This coupled with your forearms being parallel to the ground and your eyes being level with your monitor gives the user unmatched ergonomics, at this price point or any other!

back pain at desk, needs an obutto ergonomic workstation


Are you tired of the aches & pains associated when using your computer?  We’ve all lived with it for years, but only because there was no other alternative.  Face it, desks were designed centuries ago for writing on….NOT using a keyboard & mouse.

Obutto revolutionized how we use a computer with the original oZone gaming cockpit.  We threw out everything about the ancient “desk design” and created a cockpit designed specifically for computer use. The raised footrest allows you to stretch your legs out, which in turn transfers your weight across more of your body.  Therefore, having a reclining  & supportive seat back is paramount as you are now in a much more laid back seating position.  Furthermore, the keyboard/mouse tray is positioned low and just above your lap so your forearms can be parallel to the ground.  Lastly, the monitor height is adjustable so your neck is always in alignment with the spine.  In this “laid back” seating position armrests are no longer needed, especially since the side bolsters of the seat back support the weight of the arms.

The oZone gaming cockpit continues to take the world by storm with it’s ergonomics, versatility & superb value at an affordable price.

Legendary Stability, Versatility & Comfort

  • Ergonomic workstation

    In 2006 obutto pioneered affordable ergonomic use of your computer with the oZone! A comfortable, fully supported seating position that gives you endless hours of comfortable computer use, whether you’re working, gaming, simming!

  • Flight sim

    The oZone has offered flight sim goodness since 2006!  If you fly with a yoke everything you need comes with the cockpit to fly and be comfortable using your computer.  If you fly stick & rudder then we have mounts available to fly centre stick or side stick!  Beware of poseurs, nothing matches the oZone’s legendary stability & ergonomics!

  • Sim racing

    Perhaps the most solid “sim racing rig” since 2006!  Designed to allow a proper race driving position, the oZone leads the way as a true multi-purpose cockpit for computer use & all gaming!

The OZONE GAMING COCKPIT includes everything to use your computer comfortably, plus all the mounts to enjoy SIM RACING or FLIGHT SIMS, if you use a yoke! Only USD350

  • real car sports seat that is reclinable
  • real car seat sliders for easy adjustment
  • very stable thick walled carbon steel frame (3.2cm diameter pipe)
  • rock solid throttle/shifter mount, height adjustable and mounts on either side
  • very stable yoke/steering wheel mount, height & distance adjustable at angle
  • swiveling & telescoping keyboard/mouse tray
  • mouse pad material covers all of the keyboard/mouse tray
  • removable VESA monitor stand, standard VESA bolt patterns 75x75mm, 100x100mm, 200x100mm
  • height & distance adjustable rubber covered pedal tray, also fully removable
oZone gaming cockpit as sold


  • oZone acrylic tabletop – Give yourself some desk space with this easy to mount (using incl double sided tape) acrylic tabletop.    Price USD99
  • oZone triple monitor mount – Double your immersion with triple monitors!  Hands down the 2nd best upgrade to your work or gaming experience.  *Note, if you have our older model cockpit, pre-Aug 2009, you will need to purchase a single VESA monitor mount*   Price USD99
  • Universal flight stick/throttle mount – Turn your OBUTTO into a fighter cockpit!  Stick mount can be used in centre stick or side stick position.  Just velcro your stick & throttle down and your good to go.  USD50
  • A10 flight stick/throttle mount – Our A10 mount was designed specifically for the awesome Warthog HOTAS, and comes pre-drilled for hard mounting.  USD50
  • r3v keyboard/mouse tray – Enjoy the fully articulating keyboard/mouse tray, as found on the r3volution cockpit!  USD90
  • r3v monitor stand – Free-standing monitor stand that comes with the r3v cockpit.  It has a fully articulating main monitor mount, which comes in handy for all you graphic designers out there who need to pull your monitor closer to your eyes at times. Also, allows the use of the r3v triple mounts (sold separately) which are fully articulating for any side monitor angle you desire!  USD148
  • Obutto cupholder – One of our favs and is included with the r3v cockpit…give your favourite  beverage a nice spill free home on your oZone!  USD12