What To Know: Gaming Chairs And System Compatibility

Several considerations need to be made when trying to decide what gaming chair to buy. Depending on what type of gamer you are and how much time you spend at your gaming computer or console, you should take into consideration a few things: gaming chair style, system compatibility, and gaming chair features. Because gaming is now a billion dollar industry where it is gaining more and more popularity every day, there’s plenty of online resources for all of your gaming chair needs.

Perhaps one of the more important considerations in choosing a gaming chair is ensuring that it has system compatibility with your console or setup. Our idea of a good time is not being excited for your perfect chair only for it to arrive and you find out that it isn’t compatible with your gaming system. Talk about a disappointment!

The most popular gaming consoles are Xbox, Playstation, and Wii, while popular PC gaming setups usually either run on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Most gaming chairs come with pre-installed speakers in the headrest that allow you to fully expand your gaming experience with audio coming out of the chair right near your ears. These speakers normally require an audio input and output that connect to you TV or monitor through HDMI. Even though a cord is seemingly easy, consider a wireless connection instead to avoid tripping. In addition to built-in speakers, some gaming chairs come with built in subwoofers that create an all around, unique gaming experience for all.

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