New Obutto distributor for North Africa!

Obutto is pleased to announce our new distributor for North Africa…Sitwell Office! Located in the stunning ancient city of Algiers, Sitwell Office will provide Obutto sales & support through their retail location, as well as online throughout North Africa. We are very pleased with our new partnership and look forward to folks in North Africa enjoying some Obutto goodness!!

Our original oZone gaming cockpit took the world by storm as it was the first gaming cockpit that offered ergonomic computer use, as well as accurately positioned mounts for all sim gaming. The r3volution has carried this innovation to a new level, offering unheard of adjustability, stability and legendary ergonomics! While Obutto cockpits dominate home use, it is the r3v that is breaking the barrier into offices as more companies realize the comfort of their employees is paramount to their productivity.  Sitwell Office is focused on changing the office landscape in North Africa and we look forward to working closely with them for many years to come.

Don’t miss out, if you live in any of the North African countries and are keen to order a r3volution or oZone cockpit/workstation, now is the time!!

Sitwell Office


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