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See what our customers have to say about their Obutto cockpits!

“This is absolutely the best buy I have ever done. I am finally so comfortable I want to be when using my computer.
Never before have I been able to sit and play/work for hours and hours straight. My back does not hurt at all.
The chair gives it the support it needs, and my legs up high on the pedal tray is very comfortable…

A big thanks to Chris and everyone at Obutto. This r3v is gonna serve me for many many years to come.
And I’m never going back to a traditional “computer desk” anymore.
I´m using it for work / FPS / MMO games as for now. But I´m gonna start sim race soon now when I have
a real simulator. :-)

And again sorry for the bad english as I’m swedish.”

Magnusfrom Sweden

“I work from home, so I use this Obutto gaming cockpit for business as well as fun. The chair is super-comfortable, and it creates a really ergonomic work space.

Working at home is so much better than going to the office for that very reason; everything is fast and at my fingertips. When I’m done for the day or if I want to take a break, I just boot up a game and go.”

Scottfrom USA

“I bought my R3V mid November 2012 and since then it’s been a racing sim rig, flight cockpit, and now it’s a pure FPS setup and yeah, for a while it was all three at the same time. In a few months I’m sure I’ll change it again. One things for sure though, I’ll never go back to a desk again.”

Rawlinsfrom USA

“Let me just say that this computer gaming chair is my life. Not that I’m gaming 24/7 (that’s a pipe dream), but I also work from home as a freelance coder. That means I spend upwards of 16 hours a day on my computer, sitting at this cockpit. It does get uncomfortable after, say, 12 hours, but that’s not the cockpit’s fault. Everything is at my fingertips here. It makes my work and my play so much more efficient and easy.”

Owenfrom USA

“OMFG, this cockpit is made entirely of two things. Pwn and Win.  That’s all.  Assembly was a breeze, took no time at all.”

Brad from USA

“Chris, you helped me get the “best wife award”.  Thank you.  A side effect of buying the obutto for Nate is I’m getting so much help with laundry and dishes I don’t know what to do with the extra time.”

Nate’s wifefrom USA

About Us

Obutto was created in 2006 by a gamer for gamer’s & other hardcore computer users.  The goal was to create a revolutionary product… ergonomic workstations or “gaming cockpits” and offer them for an affordable price.

In order to meet the demanding needs of desktop computer users we threw out everything about a “desk” since they were designed for writing,  and based our design on using a computer.   The raised footrest allows you to stretch your legs out, which in turn transfers your weight across more of your body.  Therefore, having a reclining & supportive seat back is necessary to create a much more “laid back” seating position.  Furthermore, the keyboard/mouse tray is positioned low and just above your lap so your forearms can be parallel to the ground.  Lastly, the monitor height is adjustable so your neck is always in alignment with the spine.  In this more supportive seating position armrests are no longer needed, especially since the side bolsters of the seat back support the weight of the upper arms.

Furthermore, we created realistically placed mounts for the main simulation games…flight sims & sim racing.  Whether you’re a gamer, graphics designer, website designer, architect, someone who works from home, or someone that just hangs out on the internet, we made it possible to use your computer comfortably in our ergonomic workstations.

Thanks for taking a look at our creations and we hope you will find your way into an Obutto workstation very soon!

  • Created in 2006

    Crazy that it’s been 9yrs since we first started selling our gaming cockpits or ergonomic workstations…what a ride. A special thanks to all of the early adapters that supported us from the beginning!

  • Worldwide approval

    Thousands of happy customers worldwide! No matter what you use your computer for, obutto provides the only ergonomic solution for all your needs.

  • Home use

    If you spend time using a desktop computer at home, there is simply no better solution for comfortable computer use.  Whether you work at home, game, browse the internet, you can now do so sitting in a purpose built workstation solely designed for using a computer, peripherals & controllers.

  • Office use

    More companies are using our new obutto r3volution workstation in their offices due to it’s renowned ergonomic seating position for hours & hours of comfortable computer use.

Need Support

Please contact the distributor you purchased our products from first, but if you don’t have any luck feel free to contact OBUTTO directly

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